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Welcome to Digitec, distributor igbt power modules and dedicated to
sell industrial partsand  sale of power semiconductors for use industrial.
distributor independent parts electrical, hydraulic and industrial electronic.
We have a wide range of components, electronic equipment and systems, which
keeps us at the forefront of technology, committed to product quality, customer
satisfaction and the development tecnológico.

Some of the products we daily carry in our inventory are:

Igbt power module, drive modules, inverters, laser diodes, transistors, bridge
rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, phase rectifiers, circuits, voltage rectifiers, phase
bridge, mosfet, fast recovery diodes, SKKT,SKKH,SKKL, SCR, from brands like
Mitsubishi, Fuji, Eupec, Ixys, Infineon, Sanrex, Toshiba, Sanken, Semikron,
Siemens, Hitachi, Abb, Ixgn, Samsung, Fairchild, Ir, Nihon Inter Electronics,
Danfoss, Powerex, Nell, Catelec, Santry, Powersem, Motorola, etc. Intelligent Power
Modules (IPMs) are advanced hybrid power devices that combine high speed, low
loss IGBTs with optimized gate drive and protection circuitry

fulfill our commitment to quality, we outstanding technological innovations and
trends in order to respond to the needs of supply for different sectors requiring our
products, such as the education sector, industrial and maintenance in the national
market electrónic.Since its inception, we have characterized by its emphasis on
customer service and keeping available the largest range of electronic and
industrial parts in our market world.The includes public and private sectors who use
our services because they are offered a competitive balance between the cost and
growth beneficio.

The obtained is given based on the response received from our customers and that
the passage of time has proven to be successful, so that the primary interest is
placed on the satisfaction THROUGH them good service delivery and enthusiasm
for our work and appropriate solutions to their necesidadesSomos leading supplier
of solutions in discrete power semiconductors, integrated and modular, serving
diverse market segments as:

DC Motor Controllers,
AC Servo Drives (low and medium voltage)
Aircraft (electrohydrostatic actuators and power generators)
Alternative energy (wind and photovoltaic)
yEnergy distributed ("Flywheel", Fuel Cells and Microturbines) Inductivo
Controles Eléctricos
Pump supply for medical equipment (CT, MRI and X-rays)
Distribution and generation of poder
Transporte energiaImpulsores (Drive, Drive and Auxiliary Power Rail and Naval
Systems Soldadura
Línea UPS
Sistemas of White and Ventilation
Systems and Air
Motor fotovoltaicos
Traction energia
Servo Drives
Bienvenido a Digitec, distribuidor de modulos de potencia igbt y mas.
Empresa dedicada la la venta de semiconductors de potencia para uso industrial.
Somos una empresa distribuidora independiente de refacciones electricas,
hidraulicas y electronicas industriales. Contamos con un amplio surtido de
componentes, equipos y sistemas electrónicos, que nos mantiene a la vanguardia
tecnológica, comprometida con la calidad de nuestros productos, la satisfacción del
cliente y con el desarrollo tecnológico.

Some of the products we daily carry in our inventory are:

Igbt power module, drive modules, inverters, laser diodes, transistors, bridge
rectifiers, diodes, thyristors, phase rectifiers, circuits, voltage rectifiers, phase bridge,
mosfet, fast recovery diodes, SKKT,SKKH,SKKL, SCR, from brands like
Mitsubishi, Fuji, Eupec, Ixys, Infineon, Sanrex, Toshiba, Sanken, Semikron, Siemens,
Hitachi, Abb, Ixgn, Samsung, Fairchild, Ir, Nihon Inter Electronics, Danfoss, Powerex,
Nell, Catelec, Santry, Powersem, Motorola, etc. Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) are
advanced hybrid power devices that combine high speed, low loss IGBTs with
optimized gate drive and protection circuitry

Para cumplir con nuestro compromiso de calidad,  estamos pendientes de las
innovaciones y tendencias tecnológicas, para poder responder a las necesidades
de abastecimiento para los diferentes sectores que requieran de nuestros
productos, como son el sector educativo, industrial y de mantenimiento en el
mercado nacional de la electrónica.Desde sus inicios, nos hemos  caracterizado
por el énfasis que pone en el servicio al cliente y en mantener a su disposición el
surtido mas grande de refacciones electrónicas e industriales en el mundo.

El mercado nuestro  incluye los sectores publico y privado, quienes recurren a
nuestros servicios debido a que se les ofrece un balance competitivo entre el costo
y el beneficio.El crecimiento obtenido esta dado en función de la respuesta recibida
de nuestros clientes y que al paso del tiempo ha demostrado ser exitosa, por lo que
el primordial interés esta puesto en la satisfacción de ellos atraves de un buen
servicio, entrega y entusiasmo en nuestro trabajo y de soluciones apropiadas a sus
Somos  líder en el suministro de soluciones en semiconductores de potencia
discretos, integrados y modulares, y atiende diversos segmentos del mercado   

Controladores de motores de CC, CA y Servo Drives (bajo y mediano voltaje)
Aeronaves (Actuadores electrohidrostáticos y generadores de energía)
Energía alternativa (eólica y fotovoltaica) y
Energía distribuida (“Flywheel”, Células de combustible y Microturbinas)
Vehículos Eléctricos
Calentamiento Inductivo
Controles de Bombas Industriales
Fuentes de alimentación para equipamiento médico (Tomografía, Resonancia
magnética y Rayos-X)
Distribucion y generacion de energia
Impulsores de poder
Transporte (Propulsión, Tracción y Energía Auxiliar en Sistemas Ferroviarios y
Sistemas UPS
Sistemas de Soldadura
Línea Blanca y Sistemas de Ventilación y Aire Acondicionado
Motor Drives
Inversores fotovoltaicos
Articulos de energia
Servo Drives
Traction Inverters
Power Igbts Transistor  
Transistors Regulator
Capacitor and Resistor  
Thyristor and Diodes
Elevator parts

Definition of the IGBT Power Module

The insulated gate bipolar transistor or IGBT is a three-terminal power
semiconductor device, noted for high efficiency and fast switching. It switches
electric power in many modern appliances: electric cars, trains, variable speed
refrigerators, air-conditioners and even stereo systems with switching amplifiers.
Since it is designed to rapidly turn on and off, amplifiers that use it often synthesize
complex waveforms with pulse width modulation and low-pass filters.

The IGBT combines the simple gate-drive characteristics of the MOSFETs with the
high-current and low–saturation-voltage capability of bipolar transistors by
combining an isolated gate FET for the control input, and a bipolar power transistor
as a switch, in a single device. The IGBT is used in medium- to high-power
applications such as switched-mode power supply, traction motor control and
induction heating. Large IGBT modules typically consist of many devices in parallel
and can have very high current handling capabilities in the order of hundreds of
amperes with blocking voltages of 6000 V.

The IGBT is a fairly recent invention. The first-generation devices of the 1980s and
early 1990s were relatively slow in switching, and prone to failure through such
modes as latchup and secondary breakdown. Second-generation devices were
much improved, and the current third-generation ones are even better, with speed
rivaling MOSFETs, and excellent ruggedness and tolerance of overloads.[1]

The extremely high pulse ratings of second- and third-generation devices also
make them useful for generating large power pulses in areas like particle and
plasma physics, where they are starting to supersede older devices like thyratrons
and triggered spark gaps.

Their high pulse ratings, and low prices on the surplus market, also make them
attractive to the high-voltage hobbyist for controlling large amounts of power to
drive devices such as solid-state Tesla coils and coilguns.

Availability of affordable, reliable IGBTs is a key enabler for electric vehicles and
hybrid cars. Toyota's second generation hybrid Prius has a 50 kW IGBT inverter
controlling two AC motor/generators connected to the DC battery pack.[2]

History of the IGBT Power Module

The IGBT is a semiconductor device with four alternating layers (P-N-P-N) that are
controlled by a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) gate structure without
regenerative action. This mode of operation was first proposed by Yamagami in
his Japanese patent S47-21739, which was filed in 1968.[3] This mode of
operation was first experimentally discovered by B. J. Baliga in vertical device
structures with a V-groove gate region and reported in the literature in 1979.[4] The
device structure was referred to as a ‘V-groove MOSFET device with the drain
region replaced by a p-type Anode Region’ in this paper and subsequently as the
insulated gate rectifier (IGR),[5] the insulated-gate transistor (IGT),[6] the
conductivity-modulated field-effect transistor (COMFET)[7] and "bipolar-mode

Plummer found the same IGBT mode of operation in the four layer device (SCR)
and he first filed a patent application for the device structure in 1978. USP No.
4199774 was issued in 1980 and B1 Re33209[9] was reissued in 1995 for the
IGBT mode operation in the four layer device (SCR).

Hans W. Becke and Carl F. Wheatley invented a similar device for which they filed a
patent application in 1980, and which they referred to as "power MOSFET with an
anode region".[10] This patent has been called "the seminal patent of the Insulated
Gate Bipolar Transistor."[11] The patent claimed "no thyristor action occurs under
any device operating conditions." This substantially means the non-latch-up IGBT
operation for the entire device operation range.

Devices capable of operating over an extended current range for use in
applications were first reported by Baliga et al. in 1982.[5] A similar paper was also
submitted by J.P. Russel et al. to IEEE Electron Device Letter in 1982.[12] The
applications for the device were initially regarded by the power electronics
community to be severely restricted by its slow switching speed and latch-up of the
parasitic thyristor structure inherent within the device. However, it was
demonstrated by Baliga and also by A.M. Goodman et al. in 1983 that the switching
speed could be adjusted over a broad range by using electron irradiation.[6][13]
This was followed by demonstration of operation of the device at elevated
temperatures by Baliga in 1985.[14] Successful efforts to suppress the latch-up of
the parasitic thyristor and the scaling of the voltage rating of the devices at GE
allowed the introduction of commercial devices in 1983,[15] which could be utilized
for a wide variety of applications.

Complete suppression of the parasitic thyristor action and the resultant non-latch-
up IGBT operation for the entire device operation range was achieved by A.
Nakagawa et al. in 1984.[16] The non-latch-up design concept was filed for US
patents.[17] To test the lack of latchup, the prototype 1200V IGBTs were directly
connected without any loads across a 600V constant voltage source and were
switched on for 25 microseconds. The entire 600V was dropped across the device
and a large short circuit current flowed. The devices successfully withstood this
severe condition. This was the first demonstration of so-called "short-circuit-
withstanding-capability" in IGBTs. Non-latch-up IGBT operation was ensured, for
the first time, for the entire device operation range.[18] In this sense, the non-latch-
up IGBT proposed by Hans W. Becke and Carl F. Wheatley was realized by A.
Nakagawa et al. in 1984. Products of non-latch-up IGBTs were first
commercialized by Toshiba in 1985.

Once the non-latch-up capability was achieved in IGBTs, it was found that IGBTs
exhibited very rugged and a very large safe operating area. It was demonstrated
that the product of the operating current density and the collector voltage exceeded
the theoretical limit of bipolar transistors, 2x105W/cm2, and reached 5x105W/cm2.

IGBT Power Module Structure

An IGBT cell is constructed similarly to a n-channel vertical construction power
MOSFET except the n+ drain is replaced with a p+ collector layer, thus forming a
vertical PNP bipolar junction transistor.

Cross section of a typical IGBT showing internal connection of MOSFET and
Bipolar Device
This additional p+ region creates a cascade connection of a PNP bipolar junction
transistor with the surface n-channel MOSFET. This connection results in a
significantly lower forward voltage drop compared to a conventional MOSFET in
higher blocking voltage rated devices. As the blocking voltage rating of both
MOSFET and IGBT devices increases, the depth of the n- drift region must
increase and the doping must decrease, resulting in roughly square relationship
increase in forward conduction loss compared to blocking voltage capability of the
device. By injecting majority carriers (holes) from the collector p+ region into the n-
drift region during forward conduction, the resistance of the n- drift region is
considerably reduced. However, this resultant reduction in on-state forward voltage
comes with several penalties:

The additional PN junction blocks reverse current flow. This means that unlike a
MOSFET, IGBTs cannot conduct in the reverse direction. In bridge circuits where
reverse current flow is needed an additional diode (called a freewheeling diode) is
placed in parallel with the IGBT to conduct current in the opposite direction. The
penalty isn't as severe as first assumed though, because at the higher voltages
where IGBT usage dominates, discrete diodes are of significantly higher
performance than the body diode of a MOSFET.
The reverse bias rating of the N- drift region to collector P+ diode is usually only of
10's of volts, so if the circuit application applies a reverse voltage to the IGBT, an
additional series diode must be used.
The minority carriers injected into the n- drift region take time to enter and exit or
recombine at turn on and turn off. This results in longer switching time and hence
higher switching loss compared to a power MOSFET.
The additional PN junction adds a diode-like voltage drop to the device. At lower
blocking voltage ratings, this additional drop means that an IGBT would have a
higher on-state voltage drop. As the voltage rating of the device increases, the
advantage of the reduced N- drift region resistance overcomes the penalty of this
diode drop and the overall on-state voltage drop is lower (the crossover is around
400 V blocking rating). Thus IGBTs are rarely used where the blocking voltage
requirement is below 600 V.
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A50L-5000-0025, ATD150AA100, BKO-C2268H02, BSM100GB120DN2, BSM100GB60DLC, BSM100GD60DLC, BSM10GD120DN2E3224, BSM111AR, BSM150GB120DN2,
BSM150GB120DN2E3256, BSM150GB170DLCE3256, BSM150GB60DLC, BSM150GT120DN2, BSM15GD120DN2E3224, BSM200GA170DN2E3256, BSM200GB120DLC,
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BSM300GB120DLC, BSM30GP60, BSM35GD120DE3224, BSM35GD120DN2, BSM400GA120DLC, BSM400GA120DN2SE3256, BSM50GB120DN2, BSM50GB170DN2, BSM50GD120DN2,
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CM150E3U-12H, CM150TU-12F, CM15MD-24H, CM15MDL-12H, CM15TF-12E, CM15TF-24E, CM15TF-24H, CM200DU12F, CM200DU-24F, CM200DU-24H, CM200DY12E, CM200DY-12H,
CM200DY-20, CM200DY-24E, CM200DY-24H, CM200DY-28H, CM200HA-24H, CM20LD12H, CM20MD-12H, CM20MDL-12H, CM20TF-12E, CM20TF-12H, CM20TF-24h, CM20TF-24H,
CM25MD-24H, CM25MDL-24H, CM300DU-24F, CM300DY-12E, CM300DY-12H, CM300DY-24E, CM300DY-24G, CM300DY-24H, CM300DY-24H,   CM300DY-28H, CM300HA-12E,
CM300HA-12H, CM300HA-12H, CM300HA-24, CM300HA-24, CM300HA-24H, CM300HA-28, CM30TF-12H, CM30TF-24E, CM30TF-24H, CM400DY1-12H, CM400DY-12, CM400DY-12E,
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CM75DY-28K, CM75E3Y-12E, CM75TF-12E, CM75TF-12H, CM800DU-12, CM800DZ-34H, CM800HA-24H, CM800HA-24H,  CM800HA-34H, CM800HA-66H, CM800HD-50H, CM800HD-66H,
CR6929A/3, CR6L-100, CR6L-150, CR6L-200, CR6L-300, CR6L-35, CR6L-350, CR6L-400, CR6L-50, CR6L-75, CVM100AA160, CVM100BB160, CVM25CC80, CVM40BB160, CVM75AA160,
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DD250GB160, DD250HB120, DD250HB160, DD25F120, DD25F160, DD30GB120, DD30GB160, DD30HB120, DD30HB160, DD40F120, DD40F160, DD55F120, DD55F160, DD55N12,
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IRKH71-16, IRKH91-12, IRKH91-16, IRKH96-16, IRKL105-12, IRKL105-16, IRKL132-16, IRKL25-12, IRKL26-12, IRKL26-16, IRKL41-12, IRKL41-16, IRKL56-12, IRKL56-16, IRKL71-12,
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KD221404, KD221K03, KD221K05, KD221K05HB, KD221K75, KD224503, KD224503A7, KD224505, KD224505A7, KD224505C41, KD224510, KD224510A41, KD224510C41,
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KS031KA0(A), KS221K03, KS221K05, KS221K05, KS221K10, KS221K75, KS224503, KS224505, KS224505, KS224510, KS224510, KS224510A41, KS224510E41, KS224515, KS224515,
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KS621240-G, KS621240-H, KS621240-I, KS621260, KS621260-E, KS621260-G, KS621260-H,
KS621280HB, KS621K10, KS621K15, KS621K20, KS621K20, KS621K20-A, KS621K20-B, KS621K20-C, KS621K20-D, KS621K30, KS621K30, KS621K30,      KS621K30-C, KS621K30-D,
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MEB00806, MG100G1AL1, MG100G1AL2, MG100G1AL3, MG100G2CL1, MG100G2CL2, MG100G2CL3, MG100H2CL1, MG100H2CL1, MG100H2CL2, MG100H2CL3, MG100H2DL1,
MG100H2DL1, MG100H2YS1, MG100J1BS11, MG100J2YS1, MG100J2YS40, MG100J2YS41, MG100J2YS45, MG100J2YS50, MG100J2YS9, MG100J2YS91, MG100J6ES1, MG100J6ES11,
MG100J6ES40, MG100J6ES45, MG100J6ES50, MG100J6ES52, MG100J7KS50, MG100M2YK1, MG100Q1JS40, MG100Q1JS50, MG100Q1ZS40, MG100Q1ZS50, MG100Q2YK1, MG100Q2YS1,
MG100Q2YS11, MG100Q2YS40, MG100Q2YS42, MG100Q2YS50, MG100Q2YS51, MG100Q2YS9, MG100Q2YS91, MG10G6EL1, MG10G6EL2, MG10M6EM1, MG10Q6EK1, MG150H2DL1,
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MG150Q2YS11, MG150Q2YS40, MG150Q2YS50, MG150Q2YS51, MG150Q2YS9,  MG150Q2YS91, MG15G1AL1, MG15G1AL2, MG15G1AL3, MG15G6EL1, MG15G6EL2, MG15J6ES1,
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MG200H1FC1A, MG200H1FL1, MG200H1FL1A, MG200H1JK1, MG200H2CK1, MG200H2CK1, MG200H2CK2, MG200H2YL1, MG200H2YL2, MG200J2YS1, MG200J2YS11, MG200J2YS40,
MG200J2YS50, MG200M1FK1, MG200M1FK2, MG200M1UK1, MG200N1FK1, MG200N1FK2, MG200N1US41, MG200Q1JS43, MG200Q1US2, MG200Q1US21, MG200Q1US41, MG200Q1US51,
MG200Q2YS40, MG200Q2YS50, MG200Q2YS65H, MG200Q2YS9, MG20G6EL1,
MG20G6EL2, MG20J6ES40, MG20Q6EK1, MG25H6EM1, MG25J1BS11, MG25J2YS40, MG25J2YS9, MG25J2YS91, MG25J6ES40, MG25J6ES50, MG25M1BK1, MG25N2CK1, MG25N2YS40,
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MG300J2YS40, MG300J2YS45, MG300J2YS50, MG300J2YS9, MG300J2YS91, MG300M1FK1, MG300M1FK1, MG300M1FK2, MG300M1UK1, MG300N1FK1, MG300N1FK2, MG300Q1US1,
MG300Q1US11, MG300Q1US2, MG300Q1US21, MG300Q1US41, MG300Q1US42, MG300Q1US51, MG300Q2YS65H, MG30G1BL3, MG30G2CL1, MG30G2CL2, MG30G2CL3, MG30G2CL3,
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MG360V1US41, MG400H1FK1, MG400H1FL1, MG400H1FL1, MG400J1US1, MG400J1US2, MG400J1US41, MG400J1US42, MG400J1US45, MG400J1US46, MG400J1US51, MG400J2YS40,
MG400J2YS50, MG400M1FK1, MG400N1FK2, MG400Q1US1, MG400Q1US11, MG400Q1US2, MG400Q1US21, MG400Q1US21, MG400Q1US41, MG400Q1US51, MG400V1US51,
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MG50G6EL1, MG50H2CL1, MG50H2CL2, MG50H2CL3, MG50H2YS1, MG50H6EL1, MG50J1BS11, MG50J1ZS40, MG50J2YS1, MG50J2YS40, MG50J2YS50, MG50J2YS9, MG50J2YS91,
MG50J6EL1, MG50J6ES1, MG50J6ES11, MG50J6ES40, MG50J6ES45, MG50J6ES50,  MG50M2CK2, MG50Q1BS11, MG50Q1ZS50, MG50Q2YS40, MG50Q2YS50, MG50Q6ES1, MG50Q6ES11,
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MG75J2YS1, MG75J2YS40, MG75J2YS45, MG75J2YS50, MG75J2YS9, MG75J2YS91, MG75J6ES1, MG75J6ES11, MG75J6ES45, MG75J6ES50, MG75N2YS1, MG75N2YS40, MG75Q1JS40,
MG75Q1JS50, MG75Q2YS1, MG75Q2YS11, MG75Q2YS40, MG75Q2YS42, MG75Q2YS43, MG75Q2YS50, MG75Q2YS51, MG75Q2YS52, MG800J1US52, MG800J1US59A, MG8G6M1,
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P30Z, P50Q, P50X, P50X, P50Y2, P50Z, P75Q, P75X, P75X, P75Y2, P75Z, P75Z, PC817, PC923L, PC929, PD1008,PD10M440H, PD30-50F4, PD90F-120, PDT308, PGH50/16AM, PH50S48-12,
PH50S48-5, PHB3006, PHB506, PHB506, PK110F120, PK110F160, PK130F120, PK130F160,
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PKC2111PI, PM100CBS120, PM100DHA060, PM100DHA-060, PM100RSA060, PM100RSD120, PM100RSE120, PM10CHA060, PM10CSJ060, PM10RHB120, PM10RSH120, PM150CSE-060,
PM150DHA060, PM150DHA-060, PM150DKA060, PM150RSD-060, PM150RSD120, PM150RSE120, PM15CEE-060, PM15CHA060, PM15CHA060, PM15CMA060, PM15CSJ060,
PM15CTM060, PM15RHB120, PM15RSH120, PM15RSH120, PM200DHA-060, PM200DSA-060, PM200DVA120, PM200RSD-060, PM20CEA060, PM20CEA060, PM20CEE060, PM20CEE-060,
PM20CEF060-5, PM20CHA060, PM20CSJ060, PM20CTM060, PM20CVL060-33L, PM21353-AG, PM25RSH120, PM300CJA060, PM300CJA-060, PM300DHA-060, PM300DSA060,
PM300DSA120, PM300DVA120, PM300HHA120, PM300RSD-060, PM30CMA060, PM30CNA060, PM30CSJ060, PM30CTJ060, PM30CTJ060-03, PM30RHC060, PM30RHC060-1,
PM30RMC060, PM30RSF060, PM400DHA060, PM400DJA-120, PM400DSA060, PM400HSA120, PM50CTJ060-03, PM50RSK060, PM50RVH120, PM52AUBZ060-1, PM600DSA-060,
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Q50Z, QBB100A40, QBB100A60, QBB100BA60, QBB150A60, QCA100A60, QCA100AA100, QCA100AA120, QCA100B60, QCA100BA60, QCA150A60, QCA150AA100, QCA150AA120,
QCA150BA60, QCA150M60, QCA200AA100, QCA200AA120, QCA200B60, QCA200BA60, QCA300BA60, QCA30AA100, QCA30AA120, QCA30B60, QCA50A60, QCA50AA100, QCA50AA120,
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QM100E2Y-2H, QM100E2Y-H, QM100E2Y-HB, QM100HY-2H, QM100HY-2H, QM100HY-H, QM100HY-H, QM100HY-HD, QM100HY-HE, QM100TF-H, QM100TF-HB, QM100TX1-H, QM100TX-H,
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QM150DY-24B, QM150DY-24H, QM150DY-2H, QM150DY-2HA, QM150DY-2HB, QM150DY-2HK, QM150DY-2HK, QM150DY-H, QM150DY-HB, QM150DY-HK, QM150E2Y-24, QM150E2Y-2H,
QM150E2Y-H, QM150E2Y-HB, QM150HY-H, QM150HY-H, QM150HY-HD, QM150HY-HE, QM15DX-24, QM15DX-2H, QM15HA-H, QM15HA-HB, QM15KD1HB, QM15TB-24, QM15TB-24B,
QM15TB-2H, QM15TB-2HB,
QM15TC-H, QM15TD-9, QM15TD-9B, QM15TD-H, QM15TD-HB, QM15TG-9, QM15TG-9B, QM15TG-H, QM200DY1-2H, QM200DY-24, QM200DY-24, QM200DY-24, QM200DY-24B,
QM200DY-24B, QM200DY-2H, QM200DY-2HB, QM200DY-H, QM200DY-HB, QM200DY-HB, QM200HA-24, QM200HA-24B, QM200HA-2H, QM200HA-H, QM200HA-H, QM200HA-HB,
QM200HH-H, QM20DX-H, QM20HA-HB, QM20KD-HB, QM20TB-H, QM20TC-H, QM20TD-9, QM20TD-9B, QM20TD-H, QM20TD-HB, QM20TG-9, QM20TG-9B, QM20TG-H, QM25DX-2H(A),
QM25DY-2H, QM25TB-24, QM25TB-2H, QM25TB-2HB, QM300DY-24, QM300HA-24, QM300HA-24B, QM300HA-2H, QM300HA-H, QM300HA-HB, QM300HA-HK,
QM300HH-H, QM30CY-H, QM30DX-H, QM30DY-24, QM30DY-2H, QM30DY-2HA,
QM30DY-H, QM30DY-HB, QM30E2Y-24, QM30E2Y-2H, QM30E2Y-H, QM30E3Y-H, QM30HA-H, QM30HA-HB, QM30HB-H, QM30HC-2H, QM30HC-H, QM30HC-M, QM30HQ-24, QM30HY-2H,
QM30HY-H, QM30TB-24B, QM30TB-2H, QM30TB-2HB, QM30TB-H, QM30TF-H, QM30TF-HB, QM400HA1-2H, QM400HA1-H, QM400HA-24, QM400HA-24B, QM400HA-24S, QM400HA-2H,
QM400HA-2HB, QM400HA-H, QM500HA-H, QM500HH-HK, QM50CY-H, QM50DX-H, QM50DY-24, QM50DY-24B, QM50DY-24K, QM50DY-2H, QM50DY-H, QM50DY-HB, QM50E2Y-2H,
QM50E2Y-H, QM50E3Y-H, QM50HA-H, QM50HA-HB, QM50HB-H, QM50HC-H, QM50HC-HE, QM50HE-H, QM50HG-H, QM50HY-2H,
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QM600HA-2H, QM600HD-M, QM75CY-H, QM75D1X-H, QM75DX-H, QM75DY-24, QM75DY-24B, QM75DY-2H, QM75DY-H, QM75DY-HB, QM75E2Y-24, QM75E2Y2H, QM75E2Y-2H, QM75E2Y-H,
QM75TF-H, QM75TF-HB, QM75TX1-H, QM75TX-H, QM75TX-HB, RM100C2Z-H, RM100CA-12F, RM100DZ-24, RM100DZ-2H, RM100DZ-H, RM100DZ-H, RM100DZ-M, RM100HA-12F,
RM10TA-24, RM10TA-2H, RM10TA-M, RM10TB-H, RM10TB-M, RM10TN-H, RM1200HE-66S, RM150DZ-24, RM150DZ-2H, RM150DZ-H, RM15TA-24, RM15TA-2H, RM15TA-H, RM15TA-M,
RM15TB-H, RM15TB-M, RM200DZ-2H, RM200DZ-H, RM200DZ-M, RM200HA-12F, RM200HA-20F, RM200HA-24F, RM200HC-20, RM20CA-12S, RM20TPM-2H, RM20TPM-H, RM20TPM-M,
RM250DZ-24, RM250DZ-2H, RM250DZ-H, RM250HB-10F, RM250UE-2H, RM250VZ-2H, RM25DZ-H, RM25DZ-M, RM300CA-9W, RM300HA-12F, RM300HA-24F, RM30DZ-24, RM30DZ-24,
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SKD25/08, SKD25/12, SKD25/14, SKD25/16, SKD31F-12, SKD31F-16, SKD50/08, SKD62/12, SKD62/16, SKD82/12, SKD82/16, SKKD100/08, SKKD100/08, SKKD100/12, SKKD100/16,
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SN75176BP,  SQD200A60, SQD200AA100, SQD200AA120, SQD300A60, SQD300AA100, SQD300AA100E, SQD300AA120, SQD300BA60, SQD400BA60, SQD40A60S, SQD50BA-100,
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TM200PZ-M, TM200RZ-24, TM200RZ-2H,
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TM55DZ-2H, TM55DZ-H, TM55DZ-M, TM55DZ-M, TM55EZ-24, TM55EZ-2H, TM55EZ-H, TM55EZ-M, TM55RZ-24, TM55RZ-2H, TM55RZ-H, TM55RZ-M, TM90CZ-24, TM90CZ-2H, TM90CZ-H,
TSP200Z2, TT142N16KOF, TT162N16KOF, TT250N12, TT250N12KOC, TT425N16KOF, TT500N16KOF, TT61N12, TT61N12KOF, TT66N12LOF, TT70N22KOF, TT93N16KCC,
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VI-HAM-CM, VN67ABA, VUO110-12N07, VUO110-16N07, VUO160-12N07, VUO190-12N07, VUO190-16N07, VUO248-16N07, VUO36-12N08, VUO36-12N08, VUO36-16N08, VUO36-16N08,
VUO62-12N07, VUO62-16N07, VUO68-16N07, VUO82-12N07, VUO82-16N07, W-35789,
X28C64JM20, XC5210PQ160AKJ,  
Noticias y novedades.

Recientemente hemos abierto operaciones
en Europa, con IPM & ELECTRONICS en
Espana, lo cual nos da la apertura a el
mercado europeo para el cotrol directo de
productos en esa region, asi como el
traslado de mercancias con mas rapides a
Esatados Unidos. Tenemos gran stock de
modulos y circuitos, ademas de toda la linea
de fusibles industriales,, relevadores,
capacitores, resistencias, y trajetas
electronicas y refacciones para elevadores
de las marcas otis,Schindler, Thyssencrupp,
Kone, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Toshiba.
We deliver World Wide!

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